Friday, 6 April 2012

The story of Hyderabadi lingo on the twitter

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad, April 6: Iskool, kirkit, hau hau, nakko, kaiku, Ustad… the
Hyderabadi lingo has its unique flavour, and when it trends on the
social microblogging site, Twitter, it only becomes more spicy.

Ever since Twitter set up special trends for Hyderabad, the
microblogging network has been throwing up more glimpses into the
psyche of the common Hyderabadi. On Friday, Hyderabadi lingo, culture
and gourmet were a rage trending at the top. In the “Things I Love
About Hyderabad,” netizens competed with one another in tweeting their
favourite places, hotels, picnic spots and everything Hyderabadi.

“Biryani, bheja fry, Irani chai and Osmania biscuit and bread omelet
at Paradise after 12'o clock”, tweeted Naveen Kumar Nanchari while
Ashish Chowdhury and M Mamata were wonderstruck by “rain showers in
the middle of summer”. Parts of Hyderabad received rain accompanied by
hail bringing down the mercury.

For Khan M Jahangir, biryani, bheja fry, paaya and sambhar rice made
up for the day’s menu even as Naveen extols the virtue of the
Hyderabadi culture where “your find Hindus waiting for Ramzan along
with Muslims”. Of course, haleem is Naveen’s favourite dish.

VV Kumar loved to take a bite into the bread omelet at Paradise after
12'o clock and take a stroll in Kothi and Abids looking for second
hand books on Sunday. He also loved late night roaming.

Sana Rukh Khan loves Hyderabad for its language: Iskool, kirkit, hau
hau, nakko, kaiku, Ustad… For Naveen, Charminar and Sultan Bazar
shopping gives a great experience, which he cannot get in major
multiplexes or malls. Emanin loves to eat Paradise biryani and haleem
during Ramzan.

Ratnakar Sadayula tweeted “it is open arms to people from anywhere in
India and even the world” that makes him love this city of pearls.
Radha Krishna loves Hyderabad because it is Hyderabad.

Some of the tweets are: Subodh Khanna: tiffin restaurants… mirchi
badas with salan.
Tweeting Sourav: You can light a cigarette standing beside a traffic
cop. People drinking in middle of road at noon, but not disturbing
Scorpius Maximus: The bangles and pears at Lad Bazar
Ratnakar: Salarjung Museum, with its great collection, specially
veiled Rebecca, and libraries some of which have a great collection of
books, the laid back, Nawabi lifestyle, at least in some areas, Irani
cafes, the chai and Osmania biskoot.
Vamshi:  Biryani called Hyderabadi biryani

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