Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Is Dark Matter responsible for kimberlites (diamond) formation? Dr Holger Bech Nielsen says yes.

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad: Celestial events involving a tiny speck of the
dark matter that may take place every 100 or 200 years could be the
reason for the formation of diamonds in the earth.

But this celestial event of exploding dark matter comes with lot of
death and destruction, killing people, animals and plants and
destroying huge properties.

According to Dr Holger Bech Nielsen, eminent physicist from Neils Bohr
Institute, Copenhagen, a microscopic particle of the dark matter could
hit the earth every 100 or 200 years. Though it is a tiny particle, it
has a high mass as it comes from the dark matter. Thanks to its high
mass, it could cause huge damage on the earth, and in the process, it
creates the kimberlites, the source of diamonds.

Incidentally, the Cuddapah super basin in Andhra Pradesh has a large
formation of kimberlites. The State had yielded some of the famous
diamonds in the world.

Dr Nielsen was delivering a lecture at BM Birla Science Centre here on
Saturday. He feels the Tunguska blast or explosion that occurred on
June 30, 1908 near the Podkamennaya Tunguska river (now Krasnoyarsk
Krai) in Russia could be the result of the a tiny particle from the
dark matter hitting the earth. The impact could be as large as an
asteroid hitting the earth. Kimberlites could have been the result of
earlier such impacts.

Referring to the elusive Higgs Boson as “God’s particle” (while others
call it God particle), Dr Nielsen, who was nominated twice for the
Nobel Prize, said finding Higgs Boson is a big possibility. He said he
had predicted the mass of the God’s particle several years ago and it
was close to the one now found through Large Hadron Collider

He said recently observed Higgs particle happen to have the mass 125
GeV consistent with the versions of predictions made in the multiple
point principle by Dr Nielsen. The tiny speck of dark matter is of
heavy weight. “The Tunguska event ca 100 years ago is likely to be the
fall of such a ball of dark matter, and kimberlite pipes could be
remnants of earlier such impacts,” he added.

Dr BG Sidharth, director-general, BM Birla Science Centre, introduced
Dr Nielsen to the audience.

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