Monday, 2 May 2011

Major scams with the "Hyderabad link"

By Syed Akbar

A number of scams have been "linked" to Hyderabad. Here are a few: 

1. Telgi fake registration stamps: The multi-crore fake registration stamp papers scandal involved several political leaders and police personnel. Former minister T Krishna Yadav was one of the accused. The scamsters led by Abdul Karim Telgi procured old machinery from security presses and printed registration stamps worth several hundred crores.

2. Tri-Valley university student enrolment: A number of students from Hyderabad were put under surveillance by US authorities after a raid on the university. The students were victims of education counseling racket in the city.

3. Bomb blasts in various parts of the country: Shahed Bilal was linked with a number of incidents in various parts of the country. Earlier, Deendar Anjuman was banned for allegedly triggering blasts in churches and mosques.

4. Terror conspiracy cases: City youths and religious leaders have been named in Gujarat conspiracy, former Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya murder conspiracy cases. Alleged LeT operative Vicar Ahmed is accused in robbery case in Gujarat.

5. CW Games scam: KAS Prasad, director-general of organising committee, and AKR Constructions owner A Krishna Reddy have been accused in the multi-crore Commonwealth Games scandal.

6.  Hasan Ali tax evasion case: Hasan Ali, who is named in the multi-crore IT evasion scandal, hails from Hyderabad. Some local leaders are also linked to the scam.

7. Railway recruitment board scam: Senior railway official AK Jagannadham helped in leakage of question paper related to railway recruitment board examination. It is a countrywide scam and Hyderabadi railway official played a key role.

8. Bio-piracy including smuggling of endangered animals and plants: The inland container depot in Hyderabad has been the focal point of biopiracy, animal and red sanders scam. Contraband material from different parts of the country are routed through Hyderabad for smuggling abroad.

9. Monica Bedi-Abu Salem scam: Underworld don Abu Salem and Bollywood actor Monica Bedi took the help of local agents to obtain fake passports.

10. Passport racket, human trafficking case involving former MPs: A number of political leaders have been accused of illegally sending people to the USA and other countries through fake immigration documents. Name of former MP A Narendra and former legislators Saraiah and Babu Rao figured in the nation-wide scam.

11. Flesh trade: There have been several cases of city girls being sold to Mumbai brothels. Local pimps play a key role in the flourishing flesh trade racket.

12. Cocaine racket: Nigerians have chosen Hyderabad as their base to supply narcotics to film stars, politicians and top businessmen. A number of Tollywood names figure in the list of the accused.

13. Sohrabuddin fake encounter: The Hyderabad police is said to have provided logistic support to the Gujarat police in the fake encounter involving Sohrabuddin and his wife.

14. Cricket match fixing and betting scams: A senior player now in politics was named in match fixing racket.

15. Naxals helping mafia: Renegade naxals from across the country have been helping the local Mafia in settling real estate and business disputes in the city.

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