Sunday, 22 November 2009

Visa guidelines for Indians travelling to the UK; a word of caution for Indian students against bogus agents

By Syed Akbar
The UK government has issues a set of guidelines for people including students seeking visas to the United Kingdom. Here are the guidelines:
"The UK welcomes genuine travellers. If you intend to travel to the UK, you require a valid passport and UK visa. The UK's Visa Services are committed to making the visa application process as easy as possible. We would like to give our customers the following advice: Please read the visa information on official UK Government websites and provided by UK Visa Services' commercial partner, VFS Global. For UK visa enquiries and information, customers can call 080-40084008. Calls are charged at local or STD rates depending on your location," according to UK authorities..
1. There is no charge for visa application forms. They are available on the VFS website and from VFS visa application centres (see VFS website for locations). Current visa fees are on the VFS website.
2. Obtain good immigration advice. You do not need an agent to make a UK visa application. But if you would like more advice, please choose an agent carefully. They should charge reasonable fees. They cannot influence visa decisions, which are made by UK Visa Services. If you are cheated, please report this to the police.
3. An agent cannot guarantee to get you a visa. The decision to issue a visa is made only by visa officers working for the UK's Visa Services.
4. Please complete your visa application form fully and submit all the correct documents. If you submit false information, forged documents or use a false identity, you will be detected and your application will be refused. You also face a ban on travelling to the UK for 10 years.
5. Your biometric data (fingerscans and photograph of your face) are taken when you submit your visa application. This helps us to protect your identity from being used by others. It also tells us if you try you apply in a false identity.
Beware of job scams. Many people in India are being cheated with job offers in the UK that do not exist. Please stop and think carefully before you part with your money, your passport, your identity or your current job.
For students
1. Before you make a student visa application, please read the current published Tier 4 PBS guidance carefully. It is available at
2.You must have a Visa Letter from your chosen UK education institution. This institution must be registered to recruit international students and the Visa Letter must make you an unconditional offer. You must submit all the original documents with your visa application that were assessed by the institution and led to the offer. These documents must be listed in the Visa Letter.
3.You must also provide evidence of your financial ability to pay the course fees and maintain yourself in the UK. The amount you are required to show depends on the duration of your course and whether you are studying inside or outside London. You must provide evidence of any fees not already paid, in addition to your maintenance costs.
There is no cut off date for student visa applications to go to the UK. There is no quota.
4. Please be aware that it is possible that your education provider's status on the sponsor's register may change. Please check the status of your chosen education provider before you apply for your visa. Its status may also change between your visa being issued and you travelling to the UK. You are therefore advised to check the sponsor's register before you travel at:
5. If the education provider has been suspended, you are advised not to travel until its status has been resolved. If the education provider's licence has actually been withdrawn before you travel, your visa will be cancelled and you will not be permitted to enter the UK.

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