Friday, 20 March 2009

What stars have to say this general elections in India

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad, March 16: The general elections 2009 will throw up a hung
Parliament, if astrological charts are to be believed.

Astrologers predict that no political party will secure absolute majority at the
hustings. The coalition government that's formed after the polls will not stand
long and will collapse due to infighting among the allies.

According to astrologers Dr SV Nagnath, Dr SM Chilakuri, Dr S Chaturvedi,
B Madan Lal and V Radha Krishna Murthy, the Congress will have a slight
edge over the BJP by emerging as the single largest party. BJP prime
ministerial candidate LK Advani will face a stiff Opposition in realing his
dream to lead the Central Cabinet.

Dr Nagnath, who specialises in psychoastrology, predicts that there will be a
hung Parliament. "Stars indicate that no political party will get absolute
majority and will have to depend on the support of others to form the
government. The star positions of the Congress are strong and the party will
surpass the BJP in terms of the number of LS seats it bags," he says.

The BJP, will however, improve its electoral performance in Uttar Pradesh,
though not to a considerable extent, says Dr Chilakuri pointing to the
astrological chart he has prepared. But he cautions the BJP against the
Mayawati factor.

"Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati will be more active than before. Her
stars tell us that she will rise to greater heights at the national level and may
emerge as a prime ministerial candidate", forecasts Madan Lal, who runs an
astrological research foundation.

Referring to the poll prospects of political parties down the Vindhyas,
Chaturvedi says the Congress will lead the LS tally in Andhra Pradesh. "The
BJP will retain its base in Karnataka while the DMK will have an edge in
Tamil Nadu".

Dr Nagnath's star charts predict that political parties that give importance to
religious issues will not do well in the Lok Sabha elections. He also predicts
that the Congress will do well in Orissa while it will improve its tally in

According to Dr Radhakrishna Murthy, AICC chief Sonia Gandhi will
improve her political clout, though her son Rahul Gandhi will have to wait
for "some more time" to take the lead role. "The Congress will not have much
impact on the voters in Uttar Pradesh, while the Samajwadi Party will give a
tough fight to BSP. The astrological chart is in favour of the BSP," he said.

Dr Chilukuri predicts "better prospects" for the RJD in Bihar. "The charts of
Lalu Prasad Yadav speak in his favour," he adds.

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