Sunday, 15 March 2009

Regional political parties to play a key role at national level, say astrologers

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad: Regional political parties will play a key role at the
national level in the formation of the next Central government.

An analysis of astrological charts of various political parties and present
planetary positions reveal that at least four regional political parties will
call the shots at the national level. Present planetary positions show four
planets in the seventh house and this indicates that four or more political
parties will come together to form the next Union government. The
Bahujan Samaj Party led by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati will
be one of these parties, but its support will be for a short period and will
come with strings attached.

"The impact of red planet mars will 'activate' power politics in some
States. Guru Chandala Yoga indicates that minorities and downtrodden
sections will be the deciding factor in this general election and a majority
of them will side with local political parties, rather than national parties
like the Congress or the BJP," predicts senior astrologer PS Sharma.

Mayawati's stars have been on top since October 22, 2007 and she is
strong astrologically. "Her party will get a good number of seats in the
Lok Sabha elections and her stars will continue to be favourable for her till
August 28, 2010," points out Acharya Kishore of All-India Federation of
Astrologers' Societies. On the other hand Sharad Pawar (Vrichikam,
Mesham, Barani 4th Padam) will not become the Prime Minister, though
he will hold a top position in the Central Cabinet. His Nationalist Congress
Party will romp home with fairly good number of seats in Maharashtra.

According to astro-psychologist Sirikonda V Nagnath, on September 10,
2009 the position of saturn will jump into Kanya raasi, causing
uncertainty and internal rivalry in political parties. Regional political
parties will vie for power and superiority.

"Till November, 2010 regional parties will call the shots but they will not
be stable and consistent in winning the hearts of people. Mayawati may
become the prime minister for a short period in the next five years. From
November 2010 onwards national parties will take over. Jupiter will not
give stability from makara raasi or from kumba raasi, unless Jupiter will
have a comfortable position in his own house Meena raasi. Saturn needs
his exultation positions from thula raasi. Things will settle down only after
two years," Nagnath points out.

The BSP may create hurdles for national parties to form the government,
though it may ultimately support them. The Samajwadi Party will support
the Central government and its support will remain consistent even after
November 28, 2010. The Rashtriya Janata Dal of Lalu Prasad Yadav will
remain successful in provocating and influencing social weakness due to
the position of Saturn in Meena raasi.

Shiva Sena of Bal Thackeray does not have any strong stand in this
general election and it cannot influence the State or the Central level

Nagnath predicts that the DMK in Tamil Nadu will remain strong and
stable but this general election will not favour the party in terms of good
results. The AIADMK will benefit from the elections but it will not have a
sound role at the Central level.

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