Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Delhi Gang Rape Case: Asaram Bapu invites the wrath of people, social media

By Syed Akbar
Hyderabad, Jan 7: Godman Asaram Bapu on Monday invited the wrath of
netizens for his comments that the Delhi gang rape victim should have
addressed her assaulters as brothers and begged them to let her go.

Asaram Bapu trended top on microblogging site, Twitter, with netizens
criticizing him in the strongest terms. Raj Thackeray and Akbaruddin
Owaisi too trended on twitter, the former for his bad comments against
Biharis and the latter for his hate speak. #Owaisimovies too trended
with some members suggesting names for the imaginary movie the MIM
leader would act in.

“The only way to teach Asaram Bapu a lesson is by putting him on a bus
carrying Mayawati and Jayalalithaa: Watch how they beat him up! And
that bus will be driven by Mamata and Renuka C will be the conductor!
Asaram Bapu will then know what some women will do to Bhaiyas!,” said
Suhel Seth.

Chetan Bhagat tweeted, “according to Asaram Bapu logic, there can be
no underworld crimes in Mumbai. After all, here everybody calls them
bhai.” In another tweet, he said, “Inspired by Asaram Bapu: Dear
critics, please, please spare me. You are like my brother.”

“Blood curdling. Should all of us leave India??” wondered Sucheta
Dalal, while Pranav Sapra wrote, “Mom: Asaram Bapu is right, women can
carry Rakhis in their handbags for defending themselves.”

Here are some tweets:

Bilal Nazki ‏tweeted, “Asaram kis kis ko hum condemn kartay rahainge”.

Taslima Nasreen ‏wrote “Misogynist spiritual gurus brainwash their
disciples to become more ignorant and more stupid”.

Gabbar Singh: “Dear Asaram bapu, This "Bhaiyya" trick doesn't even
work with Auto-walas. "Bhaiyya, Juhu chaloge?" "No"

Barkha Dutt: Will the followers of Asaram Bapu continue to defend his
gross, tasteless sexism? What does it say about them?

Joy: Honey Singh must be happy! Thanx to Mohan Bhagwat, Asaram Bapu
etc people have forgot him

Vinay Biradar: Apparently Bhaiya is the problem for Raj Thackeray and
the solution for Asaram Bapu. One word. Many meanings.

Nandita Iyer: How adorable is the innocence of Asaram Bapu - he thinks
calling the rapist 'brother' will stop rape in its tracks. *slow claps*

Kris Sreekanth: Raj Thackeray says 'Bhaiyyas' are the problem. Asaram
Bapu says calling 'Bhaiyya' is the solution. All the morons pls form a
united front.

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