Monday, 11 June 2012

Marvels of chemistry: Electrospray ionization technique Vs femtosecond psectroscopy - Hyderabad University professor develops new chemical method for better understanding of reactions at atomic and molecular level

By Syed Akbar
Hyderabad: Researchers at the University of Hyderabad have
discovered new chemical methods that could help in the better
understanding of the functioning of living things at the atomic and
molecular level.

All living and non-living systems that exist in this world have been
formed through a variety of chemical and biological reactions that
take place in simple atoms/molecules. These reactions help in the
catalysis of small amino acids into big enzymes.

The HCU team, for the first time, discovered one such major reaction.
The team comprising Prof DB Ramachary, Ms R Sakthidevi and Ms KS
Shruthi found and analysed king-size pre-transition state of
asymmetric supra-molecular reaction. The finding was published in the
prestigious international chemistry journal, Chemistry.

“To understand the process of chemical and biological reactions in
living and non-living systems, first we need to understand the
catalytic power of small to big molecules in a variety of chemical and
biological reactions. For the last few decades, many chemists and
biologists have been working to understand clearly the reaction
pathways, particularly the “transition state” of the reactions.

At present “femtosecond spectroscopy” developed by Nobel laureate Prof
Ahmed H Zewail is utilised to understand and predict important
chemical reactions. However, Prof Ahmed’s method may not be suitable
to study the transition states of sensitive asymmetric reactions.

The team used electrospray ionization technique to influence a variety
of chemical and biological reactions. This will help in better study
of pre- or post-transition states of complex asymmetric chemical

Dr Ramachary said he derived the inspiration to develop this novel
chemical philosophy/technology from the sociological chemistry, where
people work together to sustain their identity and success.
“Similarly, design of synergetic one-pot combination of
multiple-hydrogen bond interactions and multiple-covalent bonds
between substrates and catalysts will be victorious over many problems
in organic and pharmaceutical chemistry,” he added.

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