Wednesday, 11 January 2012

He "reads" the minds of others in a flash of a second

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad: It needs the “third eye” to read the minds of people, delve
into the past and predict their future. Mind wave consultant GNK
Ramesh has perfected the art of analyzing the brain energy through
what he calls the hidden “third eye” in him.

All one has to do to know his or her future is to tell Ramesh the full
name, running age, place of residence, and profession. Ramesh closes
his eyes and goes into a meditation mode with his “third eye”
activated. Within a minute, he tells you, your past, present status,
what lies in store ahead, and what is good or bad for you.

He answers questions ranging from investment to medical treatment,
from buying a car to importing goods or machinery, and from the
children’s education to professional growth or otherwise. And every
time, he does this, Ramesh goes into deep thinking with a bulge
appearing on his forehead. He calls this bulge as the hidden third
eye. One can get information about prospective business partners too
from him. The person need not be physically present before him. A few
personal details about any person anywhere in the world are suffice to
elicit information from this mind wave consultant.

“The “third eye” envisions what one cannot see with the normal eyes or
grasp what is hidden in the minds of others. I analyse the mind waves
and scan through the brain. In fact, I get into the minds of people
and everything related to the person concerned is flashed before me
within seconds. All I do is to just read it out,” says Ramesh.

His clients include film personalities, politicians, senior officials
and businesspersons. Since analyzing the minds of others needs huge
expenditure of energy, Ramesh says he gets easily tired. “I
concentrate all the energy into the invisible third eye. In the
process, I lose lot of my personal energy. This happens after every
consultation”, he observes explaining why he sees a limited number of
people daily.

Ramesh, however, desists from giving information about politics,
gambling, shares and speculative investments. “I started reading minds
more than two decades ago. Initially, my friends and acquaintances
approached me with issues like their resignations not accepted by
their bosses. I dictated them the content that should go in the
resignation letters and they were accepted,” he points out.

Analysis of the mind energy gives the accurate prediction in a number
of cases including a person’s suitability for surgery, improvement in
business, changes in vastu at office and house, compatibility of boy
and girl in case of marriage proposals, and change or otherwise in

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