Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Telugu New Year Ugadi: Khara Nama Samvatsara is dominated by Moon

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad, April 3: The Telugu New Year, Khara Nama Samvatsara, will be "accommodating" bringing cheers to the common man and tensions to politicians. The year, which will be dominated by the Moon as the king, will facilitate bountiful harvest despite slightly delayed monsoons, improve economic status of people and roll out new faces in films, politics and business.
According to the customary annual panchangam or Ugadi almanac, the Khara Nama Samvatsara signifies "hard work" and economic benefits. The term, "Khara" stands for donkey, which is generally associated with labourious work. The animal is also known for its "accommodating" nature.
"The year ahead will be no body's property. Situations can turn to any one's advantage. The moon is the king of this year. He is positioned in Meena raasi (Pisces). As the moon stands for changeability, it cannot rule individually," senior astrologer Dr SV Nagnath said, adding that it's going to be a good year for science and technology.
In his panchangam, senior Siddhanti Pitchika Giri Raju from East Godavari district, pointed out that due to the lordship of  the moon, the Telugu new year will give good results to all.
"Monsoons will be late but they will give good rainfall, increase crop yield. In September there is an indication for cyclone and earthquake in middle India. Per capita income, gold, silver and all metal prices, foreign exchange and employment rate will go up. India will emerge more stronger on the economic front due to increase in trade and exports," Giri Raju Siddhanti said.
Astrologers predicted political unrest at the Centre and in the State. There will be a sudden loss of a popular leader during August-September. Relations with Pakistan and China will be deteriorate even as the threat of terror attacks looms large over the country. ISRO will succeed in its missions.
"There may be a change of guard in State politics, while internal wrangling in political parties and government will continue. Real estate will continue to be in bad shape," he said.
In his agricultural predictions Dr Chilukuri Srinivasa Murthy predicted that there would be good rains and use of pesticides would come down. “There will be good production of long grain and fine grain paddy varieties. Chilli, sugarcane, tobacco and cotton crops too will yield bumper harvest. Farmers will have to be cautious about heavy rainfall and natural calamities,” he said.
Vedic scholar Kuppa Krishna Murty said since "Khara" has a numerical symbolism of 22, which is equal from both right and left, the new year stands as the symbol of "inspiration of equality, for all human beings".
Senior Siddhanti Simhambhatla Subba Rao in his panchangam pointed out that from October the rulers in the State will be at "stress" with a few persons losing their positions. There will be agitations and deterioration of law and order.
The Telugu almanac considers Jupiter as a minister and stands for intellectualism, idea creation, and back-end leadership. Comparatively, economical and social conditions will be balanced and stable for the  common man. Social security will improve. It puts mercury as the army general or the defence minister, which means stability in business and industrial houses or sudden downfall in corporate sector. Multinational companies will 
dominate and influence the corporate lifestyle.
As Venus will rule agriculture, the condition of farmers will improve, though rains will not fall on time.

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