Thursday, 11 March 2010

Health Quiz: Amazing facts about human body

By Syed Akbar
This simple quiz will help you know how well informed you are about your body and its functions. Each right answer fetches you 10 points.Excellent, if your score is 80 and above, good if it is between 60 and
80, average if it is 40 and 60, and bad if the points earned are below 40. Get ready to take the test.

1. Dull people are often chided as having husk in their brain. But what really does the brain mostly contain?
a) 80 per cent water b) 80 per cent husk c) 90 per cent muscle d) 100 per cent neurons
2. What makes the brain intelligent and master control room?
a) 100 trillion neurons b) 100 million neurons c) 100 billion neurons d) 10 billion neurons
3) Roller coasting is indeed a thrilling experience. But do people who regularly ride on roller coasters have a higher chance of developing a blood clot in the brain?
a) Yes b) No
4) Sneeze is surrounded by superstitions. Many feel that it is a bad omen if someone sneezes when one is going out on some important work. Is it possible to postpone the sneeze. If so, how?
a) by simple clapping b) by singing c) by dancing d) by pinching yourself hard
5) You cannot tickle yourself. Why?
a) Your sensation does not work on your brain b) your hands have the same skin as your rest of the body c) the brain knows it in advance so it ignores the tickling d) your nervous system does not respond
6) What is the most frequently used facial expression?
a) anger b) smile c) laugh d) frowning
7) An apple a day is said to keep doctor away. What makes apple so special?
a) presence of pectin which lowers cholesterol levels b) presence of iron which aids blood improvement c) both d) none
Which season records the lowest number of suicides around the world?
a) rainy season b) summer c) winter d) all the above
9) Is it true that your liver does over 500 functions?
a) yes b) no
10) Human eyebrows are vestige. Yet they perform one important function. What it is?
a) Stop dust from falling into the eyes b) Stop sweat from falling into the eyes c) stop rain water from falling into the eyes d) none of the above


1) a 2) c 3) a 4) d 5) c 6) b 7) a c 9) a 10) b

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