Thursday, 28 January 2010

Women's health: Health Quiz For All

By Syed Akbar
This simple quiz will help you know how well informed you are about women's health. Each right answer fetches you 10 points. Excellent, if your score is 80 and above, good if it is between 60 and 80, average if it is 40 and 60, and bad if the points earned are below 40. Get ready to take the test.

1) What is osteoporosis?
a) bones losing calcium b) bones gaining calcium c) a disease of strong bones d) high fluoride content in body
2) What type of food women should take to prevent osteoporosis?
a) Food rich in fluoride b) food rich in chloride c) food rich in calcium d) food rich in magnesium
3) Doctors generally prescribe hormone replacement therapy for some of the women, who undergo hysterectomy, or menopausal women. What is the primary use of this therapy?
a) intake of hormones from external sources to reduce the risk of bones turning brittle b) stopping of hormone injections c) increase the life span d) increase beauty
4) Health experts suggest that women must exercise vigorously for at least half an hour once in two days. This will keep the following organs fit:
a) heart and lungs and improves blood circulation b) brain c) eyes d) ears
5. Cardiovascular disease kills women more than any other health problem. Is it true?
a) Yes b) No
6) What commonly causes bleeding between periods?
a) miscarriage b) hormonal fluctuations c) malignant cancers d) all the above
7) What are simple tips to good health?
a) exercise regularly b) eat healthy food c) avoid smoking and undergo regular health check-ups d) all the above
8) Cancer of cervix is a type of sexually transmitted infection
a) yes b) no
9) Women, who are obese or overweight, present poor reproductive health and are relatively more prone to cancers. This statement is
a) true b) false
10) Which hormone is called the "fountain of youth hormone"?
a) DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) b) adrenaline c) progesterone d) insulin


1) a 2) c 3) a 4) a 5) a 6) d 7) d a 9) a 10) a

1 comment:

Geeta said...

Thanks for the useful information.

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