Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Acupuncture regaining popularity

The doctor can be contacted on mobile No. +91-9949699469 and his address is flat No. 11, Manohar Enclave, Krishnapuri Colony, West Marredpally, Secunderabad - 500026 Hyderabad India

By Syed Akbar

Middle-aged T Amarnath had a slip disc. Doctors suggested that he undergo
surgery. After being on bed for 29 days, he felt that surgery only would solve his
problem. But before he joined a hospital, one of his friends suggested that he
consult an acupuncture expert. Within a week, he was back to work with no signs
of slip disc.

Surendra Paul Singh (51) had been diagnosed with a kidney problem with urea
and serum creatinine levels of 140 and 7.8 respectively. A fortnight after he
underwent acupuncture therapy, the kidneys had started returning to normalcy.
The present readings are 80 (urea) and 5.2 (creatinine).

Scores of patients like Amarnath and Surendra Paul, who have benefited from
acupuncture after allopathic treatment failed, stand testimony that this ancient
Chinese medical system is gaining popularity in Andhra Pradesh. With the cost of
acupuncture treatment being affordable, more and more patients are turning
towards it. The success rate too is quite high, claim patients, who benefited from

And popularising acupuncture in Hyderabad is Dr N Arun Kumar, who treats his
patients employing a sort of holistic approach, combining acupuncture with Yoga
postures, Pranayama and Ayurveda. He underwent specialised training in
acupuncture in Sri Lanka.

That acupuncture is becoming popular even among doctors practising modern
medicine is also evident from the medical history records maintained at the clinics
run by Dr Arun. Some of his clients include senior surgeons, physicians and
specialist doctors. And they all vouchsafe that acupuncture is not only safe, but
also effective.
Says housewife Aruna, who has been suffering from severe back pain, "a doctor
gave me an imported injection which costs Rs 20,000. And when it failed to
provide relief, he suggested surgery. I have been undergoing acupuncture sessions
for the past 28 days and I am much relieved now. A week more of acupuncture
sessions will, I am sure, solve this nagging problem".

According to Dr Arun, acupuncture had its birth in India but developed in China.
"It's a 5000 year old system and the cost involved in this method of treatment is
hardly five per cent of the money one has to spend if one follows allopathy. I also
prescribe simple Yoga exercises and Pranayama. In some cases a few Ayurvedic
medicines are also prescribed. There's no diet restriction except like avoiding
tamarind. I also teach them a few mudras," he points out, explaining how
acupuncture works.

"It's virtually painless. I just feel the ##### of a needle. It gives immediate relief
from pain," says one of the patients Abkari Meena. A few days ago she could not
walk because of the back pain. "It's OK now. I can stand and walk without
support. I am able to climb stairs."

As Dr Arun says acupuncture gives effective results in problems related to
orthopaedics and neurology, particularly in cases like rheumatic pains,
spondylosis, back pain, leg pain and slip disc. Also beneficial in knee pain,
cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, foot drop,
sciatica, arthritis (rheumatoid), osteo arthritis of the cervical spine, migraine,
insomnia, paralysis, bell's palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy,
asthma, skin diseases and vertigo. The gastric and urinary systems responds well
to this form of treatment. It effectively controls diabetes.

Dr Arun, a student of noted acupuncturist Dr Lohia, uses specialised needles with
automated vibrating system to treat patients. "In early days doctors used to move
the needles manually. It was quite painful. Now it is automated and the level of
vibration can be adjusted according to the patient's requirement".

Acupuncture works on the Chinese medical principle of good and bad energy. It
removes imbalances and creates a striking balance between these two energies,
thus improving the immune system.

Doctors testify

I had severe back pain and I was treated by Arun Kumar (acupuncturist). Now I
am totally pain free and thankful to him for his technique and skill.
Dr. D Ramchandra Reddy, consultant anaesthetist and intensive care specialist


I had severe pain in my legs even after I underwent a total knee replacement four
years ago. I sought the help of Arun to treat me. Now, I am able to wait, without
pain, comfortably.
Dr. Mangutha Narsing Rao


It gives me great pleasure to state that Arun has treated my wife Dr SG Mudaliar
(retd. chief medical superintendent), South Central Railway, for back pain, which
she had been suffering for the past one year. Now she is relieved of that pain.
Dr ASG Mudaliar (retd. prof of surgery and civil surgeon, superintendent of
Gandhi Hospital)


I was suffering from serious back pain. Then I got acupuncture treatment from
Arun and now I'm relieved of the pain.
Dr MV Mukteshwar (consultant anaesthetist (retd) Gandhi Hospital)


Fahd said...

Nice article and good information. Would be grateful if you could also put up the contact details of Dr. Arun Kumar.

Syed Akbar said...

The doctor can be contacted on mobile No. +91-9949699469 and his address is flat No. 11, Manohar Enclave, Krishnapuri Colony, West Marredpally, Secunderabad - 500026 Hyderabad India said...

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chiropractic ellicott city said...

Thanks for this info.

tagskie said...

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