Saturday, 14 February 2009

Wakf land: Andhra Pradesh government cheats Muslims before elections

Andhra Pradesh State government lays claim on more than 2000 acres of prime Wakf property belonging to the Pahadishariff dargah in Hyderabad. But hands over only 50 acres of land as a "goodwill gesture". Congress says it is a gift to Muslims, but Muslims want it to return the entire stretch of land. Read on for details

February 13, 2009
By Syed Akbar
Hyderabad, Feb 12: The State government's handing over of 50 acres
of revenue land in Mamidipalli village in the city outskirts to the State
Wakf Board has raked up a major controversy.
The State government issued orders on February 10 allotting the
revenue land to the State Wakf Board, as against its claim of over 2000
acres of prime land. The government and the Wakf Board have been
locked in a legal battle over 2131.28 acres of land belonging to the
dargah of Hazrat Syed Baba Sharfuddin in Pahadishariff.
While the case is pending in a court, the government allotted 50 acres
of revenue land to the Board to paucify the Muslim community before
the State Assembly and the Lok Sabha polls. The Board claims that
2131.28 acres of land in Mamidipally village belongs to the dargah of
Hazrat Baba Sharfuddin while the State government argues that it is a
revenue land.
"The Wakf Board issued a notification on February 9, 1989 laying
claim on 2131.28 acres of land of the Baba Sharfuddin dargah. As per
Rules, a Wakf notification published in the State Gazette can be
challenged within a year. The government did not challenge the
notification. In fact on September 3, 1996 the State government in the
Assembly declared the land as a Wakf property. But now it claims that
the land belongs to the revenue department," said Mr Muhammad
Saleem, former chairman of the State Wakf Board.
While allotting 50 acres to the Wakf Board, the government made it
clear that it would not withdraw the case against the Board on 2131.28
acres Wakf land.
"The government claims that it is returning 50 acres of Wakf land to
the board. If it is so, it should return the entire stretch of the land which
the board has notified in a gazette more than 20 years ago. The
government has only allotted revenue land to the board with ulterior
political motives," said Muslim religious leader Hafiz Syed Shujath

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