Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Separate Telangana: Devendar Goud in a fix over new political party

July 2, 2008
By Syed Akbar
Hyderabad, July 1: Former Telugu Desam leader T Devendar Goud is now in a fix over the formation of his new political party.
Devendar Goud, who quit the Telugu Desam over the Telangana issue, is finding it hard to get cadre in districts to support his political plans. In the absence of proper cadre-based support in Telangana districts including his native Ranga Reddy district, Devendar Goud has postponed the plans to announce the new political party.
The Telangana protagonist expected wide support to his cause and exodus from the Telugu Desam in the wake of his resignation. But none of the senior Telangana leaders in the Telugu Desam came out of the party to back him. Except for a statement or two supporting Devendar Goud's Telangana plans, senior TD leaders from the region backed out when it came to extending actual political support.
"We are planning district level meetings of our cadre," Devendar Goud said without elaborating when his new party will be launched. According to sources close to him, Devendar Goud will continue with the district meetings till such time he gets enough support from the local cadre.
Devendar Goud expected that Telangana leaders in the Telugu Desam like Ch Rajeshwar Rao, E Dayakar Rao, K Srihari and G Sukhendar Reddy would come out of the party to join hands with him. Except for former minister E Peddi Reddy, who resigned from
the Telugu Desam, other T-leaders chose to side with Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu. Peddi Reddy did not join the Goud's camp and kept his options open.
Meanwhile, the Telugu Desam leadership has launched a fire-fighting exercise in Telangana to keep its flock together and stop poaching by Devendar Goud. Ever since Goud left the Telugu Desam, Chandrababu Naidu has been constantly in touch with the
second-rung leadership in Telangana and even interacting with the local cadre. The move has paid dividends so far, making it difficult for Devendar Goud to find cadre and supporters for his soon-to-be-launched political party.
Devendar Goud used to command a wide following in Ranga Reddy district and parts of Medak district, besides Hyderabad city. But after he left the Telugu Desam, his support base in these areas dwindled and he has to be content with a group of Telangana intellectuals, who do not pull votes.
There has not been much political activity outside Devendar Goud's residence.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Telengana Tiger Puli is with him. Remember that the intellectuals have also come from grass roots and have humble beginnings in the region which should not be ignored. You will see surprises from devender goud in the warangal.

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