Thursday, 12 January 2006

Stories of Kalachakra: Dalai Lama calls for unity of all people, religions

By Syed Akbar
Amaravathi, Jan 12: Dalai Lama on Thursday emphasised the need for religious harmony and universal brotherhood of mankind.
Administering the self-generation prayers as part of the Kalachakra initiation programme on the banks of the river Krishna in this ancient village, Dalai Lama said every human being had the right to practice his or her religion.
"Whether one has faith in religion or not but one should develop love and compassion for all the living beings in the universe," the Tibetan spiritual leader observed.
The teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha have scientific basis and are still relevant today, he said. “How life came into existence is clearly explained in Buddhism as is done in science. Everybody in the world is against war and everyone wants peace,” the Dalai Lama pointed out.
He said one should not use religion for the purpose of business. “It should be used for the benefit of all sentient beings and follow the correct path. There have been a lot of complaints about Buddhist practice not being done properly. However, there is no fault in Buddhist religion or the teachings of Buddha. It is the fault of the individuals who do not follow them properly. Therefore, practice as per instructions,” he observed.
“Let us remember Buddha and meditate him along with Acharya Nagarjuna and his followers who have contributed so much for the Buddhist religion. Spreading Buddhism doesn’t fulfill by constructing stupas, statues or monasteries but by pure practice. Have a pure mind. Give up greed, jealousy, and selfishness. Thinking about self develops more worries than happiness.When one prays for the humanity, he will develop better Karma. Make it a daily routine to pray for all sentient beings and one will have peace of mind. As in business where we look for more profit with less capital we can get better peace of mind by praying for the humanity than for self,” he exhorted his followers.
“It will take time for one to change but don’t lose hope. Practice will lead in the right direction,” he said.
Earlier, the Dalai Lama administered the Bodhisattva vow to the disciples. “As this vow has been taken in this holy shrine where Buddha preached Kalachakra for the first time, it is a very precious thing and therefore everyone should consider they are fortunate and pray for humanity. Then all the devotees were given blessed water for mind purification. They were also supplied Kusha grass brooms and protection cords. The devotees are told to put them under their beds and observe the type of dreams they experience during night or in the early hours of morning.,
Before the self-generation prayers began, the Buddhist monks chanted prayers for Buddha and world peace.

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