Friday, 13 May 2005

"Caste" politics in Maoist movement in Andhra Pradesh

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad, May 13: The ongoing controversy on Maoist emissary Varavara Rao's letter to party State secretary Ramakrishna on the "dubious role" of co-emissaries Gaddar and Kalyana Rao has taken a new turn with former revolutionary leader KG Satyamurthy giving a "caste" dimension to the whole episode.
"Varavara Rao's letter is a major conspiracy to keep Dalit revolutionaries Gaddar and Kalyana Rao away from the CPI (Maoist) central committee meeting scheduled to be held soon. Varavara Rao and other upper caste leaders in the Maoist movement do not want either Gaddar or Kalayana Rao to participate in the crucial meeting being secretly planned somewhere in forests. This is nothing but to preempt these two Dalits from occupying top positions in the new set up, following the merger of People's War with the CPI (Moists)", says Satyamurthy, who co-founded the PW in early 80s along with Kondapalli Sitaramaiah.
Stating that there's a "standing committee" in the party, Satyamurthy wondered what had prevented the Maoist leadership to refer Varavara Rao's allegation to it. "If the party is really free of upper caste lobby, then the matter would have been referred to the standing committee. How could you condemn two Dalit leaders without investigating into the allegations. You are the accuser, prosecutor and hangman. This is unfair", he told this correspondent.
According to Satyamurthy women and Dalits have always been at the receiving end in the erstwhile PW and now Maoist set-up. This is not the first time that Varavara Rao has made someone in the party scapegoat. "Varavara Rao simply thrives on revolutionary politics. He does not want to go underground. He also does not want to go to jail", he pointed out.
Earlier, addressing a press conference Satyamurthy said the Moaists had lost moral right to be called themselves revolutionaries. "They have killed the mother of a police sub-inspector in Chilakaluripet. They are killing innocent people in the name of informants. What they are following is not revolutionary movement but terrorism. They are not Maoists, they are terrorists and militants", he alleged.
Satyamurthy later in a chitchat with this reporter said the Maoist movement had gone astray. There's no recruitment policy. "Those who leave home and are willing to hold guns are recruited in the party. The trouble lies with the present philosophy of Maoists", he said.
Asked if he had any suggestion for resumption of peace talks, Satyamurthy shot back, "earlier it was fancy to talk about revolution. Now it has become fashion to talk about peace talks. The government should stop State repression and Maoist should stop their militant violence and terrorism. Then only we will have peace", he pointed.
He found fault with Varavara Rao for withdrawing as emissary of Maoists for talks.

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