Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Muslim madarasas introduce peace subjects to wean away youth from terrorism

By Syed Akbar
Hyderabad, March 16: Perturbed over Muslim youth falling into the hands of cross border terrorist organisations, over 100 Islamic madarasas in the State have introduced subjects on "peace, brotherhood, patriotism and social service".
The 135-year-old Jamia Nizamia has taken the lead by introducing a subject on patriotism in the "Alim" training course. The study material is based on a 200-page book, "Apna-e-watan se tahalluqat" (relations with co-countrymen) written by Moulana Mufti Sadiq Mohiuddin. The book was published two years ago in Urdu and now most of the madarasas have introduced it in their curricula.
According to Moulana Anwar Ahmad of Jamia Nizamia, 20 marks have been allotted to questions based on the new subject. "There will be several questions on various subjects. And we will make it a point to include a question on `Islam and patriotism' carrying 20 marks. The entire paper carries 100 marks," he pointed out.
In all, 105 madarasas spread all over the State have introduced the subject and all of them have decided to follow the curriculum of Jamia Nizamia. Says Hafiz Muhammad Ubaidullah Fahim of Anwarul Uloom Habibiya, "Islam teaches brotherhood and there are various Islamic traditions that tell us about the importance of love for the motherland. Muslims in India enjoy the highest freedom. The judiciary is independent and impartial. It is the duty of every Muslim to love the country he or she resides in. We have also introduced a subject, "Watan se Muhabbat" (love for the country) in our regular course," he told this correspondent.
Darul Uloom Nomania and Madarasa Anwarul Uloom Latifiya in Hyderabad and Darul Uloom in Jedcherla (Mahbubnagar) as also other madarasas in the State have decided to prevent "stranger Moulvis" from interacting with their students. "There is a saying of the Holy Prophet that love of one's country is part of Islamic faith. As part of the new curricula we are arranging lectures on patriotism, friendship with fellow citizens, kind heartedness, helping the poor whether Muslim or non-Muslim, non-violence, peace and brotherhood of man. Passing in the subject is a must for each and every student of our madarasa," Moulana Anwar said adding that the Jamia Nizamia had instructed all its affiliated madarasas to follow its curricula on patriotism.
The Deeni Madaris Board with an affiliation of 250 madarasas has also instructed its members to highlight the importance of peace and patriotism in teachings to their students. "Our curriculum is already loaded heavily with subjects on peace, patriotism and love for fellow human beings and animals," says Board secretary Muhammad Rahimuddin Ansari, who also runs the famous Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Hyderabad.

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